Statement c. the demonstration „Together Against Nationalism” in Warsaw

The day of 11th November (Polish Independence Day) is coming – it is well known what it has in stock for those who live in Warsaw.

The terrorisation and destruction of the city by hordes of far right supporters, who’s only goal is to conduct violence against anyone who does not fit their twisted definition of normality has become something of a tradition. If one is of a different sexual orientation, skin colour, or is just in any way weaker, he or she is almost bound to face ridicule and acts of aggression. At the end of the day what will be left is a wrecked city, for the repair of which the inhabitants will have to pay.

We are aware that not everyone who participates in the so called “Independence March”(”Marsz Niedpoległości”) is guilty of said acts, nor do they all support the neo-fascist ideals of its organisers. Yet one has to remember that the development and crimes of fascism in the 20th century would not have happened if not for the support and acceptance of the “regular citizens”.

Today, just like back in the day, the global economic crisis is the cause of a rebirth of far-right in Europe. In Greece, France and many other countries on the continent people are manipulated to vent their frustration on immigrants, LGBTQ people, and the jobless instead of the elites guilty of the situation at hand. Ruch Narodowy(„National Movement”) is no different and shows their true colours by once again inviting fascist organizations such as Jobbik or Forza Nouva to their yearly parade. Moreover they openly admit to modeling themselves after the Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party from Greece.

In face of a growing threat, we may not and can not remain passive. We invite all to the “Weekend of Antifascism” which will be opened by the demonstration on the 8th of November (13.00) in front of the gate of the University  of Warsaw, where members of ONR(„National Radical Camp”) used to terrorise Jewish students and attack them with knifes in the interwar period.

Grupa „Razem Przeciwko Nacjonalizmowi”
(„Together Against Nationalism” Group)